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The Plan

The Plan to Fix our Aging Water Distribution System

The California WaterFix was created to address the severe vulnerabilities of California’s water delivery system. It was drafted after nearly a decade of extensive expert review, planning, and scientific and environmental analysis by the state’s leading water experts, engineers and conservationists, as well as unprecedented public comment and participation. The California WaterFix will:


Fix Aging Infrastructure 

Protect water supplies by delivering them through a modern water pipeline rather than relying solely on today’s deteriorating dirt levee system.


Use Modern Engineering & Technology 

Improve the security of our water system by fixing aging infrastructure using the most innovative technologies and engineering practices.


Water Security 

Build a water delivery system that is able to protect our water supplies from earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. Experts have warned that without the needed fixes, a moderate sized earthquake in the Delta region could collapse our water system and leave millions without water for weeks, months or even years.


Move & Store Water

Improve the ability to move water to storage facilities throughout the state so we can capture it for use in dry years. The inability to deliver water efficiently has made the effects of the current drought even worse.


Restoring Habitat

Restore habitat and more natural water flows above ground in rivers and streams in order to reduce impacts on endangered fish and other wildlife.

The California WaterFix is the only viable plan supported by leading scientists, water agencies, engineers, and other experts. Getting to this point has been difficult. It has taken considerable time, planning, public comment and input. If we do not move forward with this responsible plan, or fail to capitalize on this momentum, it could be another generation before we get the chance again. We must not let that happen. Now is the time to move the California WaterFix from planning to construction for California’s water security.

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