LOS ANGELES  This week, the Southern California News Group published a piece by Gary L. Toebben, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and Ron Miller, the Executive Secretary of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, emphasizing the importance of moving forward with the California WaterFix to protect the state’s critical water sources, create jobs and grow our economy. They highlighted that critical bipartisan approvals on both the state and federal levels are a positive development in moving the project forward.

Recently, with the release of biological opinions (BiOps) from federal agencies responsible for the protection of species listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), California WaterFix cleared a critical permitting threshold started under the Obama Administration. This plan was drafted after nearly a decade of scientific review and analysis by leading water experts and conservationists.

Below is an excerpt of the piece:

“Millions of California homes, farms and businesses depend on a system that brings water hundreds of miles from the Sierra Nevada. But this system is aging and vulnerable, putting our water supplies at risk. Currently, two-thirds of California’s water comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and flows through the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta to other parts of the state, including Southern California. This system is composed of outdated, 100-year old levees, and in the event of a natural disaster or further heavy rains, water supply to communities, businesses, farms and habitats could be put at serious risk.

Designing and building the project would take more than a decade, and create or protect an estimated 1.1 million jobs.  California WaterFix calls for constructing three new intakes in the north Delta, near Sacramento, and a 35-mile twin tunnel pipeline system.  This new system would protect and more safely deliver high-quality water supplies to the existing state and federal aqueduct system, securing water for more than 25 million Californians and future generations.”

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The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of businesses, promoting collaboration and helping members grow, currently representing more than 235,000 businesses in Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles/ Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council negotiates with developers and owners to bring jobs through collective bargaining in public and private sectors; they represent 78 local unions that have more than 100,000 members.

About Californians for Water Security:

CWS is a growing coalition of more than 12,000 California citizens and more than 180 organizations representing business leaders, labor, family farmers, local governments, water experts, environmentalists, public safety officials, infrastructure groups, taxpayer associations, and others who support the plan to fix California’s broken water distribution system. The Governor’s plan was drafted after nearly a decade of scientific review and analysis by leading water experts and conservationists and has received input from leading scientists and engineers. The coalition is waging an active advertising, grassroots lobbying, social media and public advocacy campaign to support this important project to fix our aging water distribution infrastructure and improve water reliability and security throughout the state.

For more information on Californians for Water Security, visit: www.watersecurityca.com



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