ICYMI: State Water Contractors, Representing 27 Public Water Agencies, Says California WaterFix is the ‘Grand Compromise’ for the Delta


SACRAMENTO – Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee published an op-ed: “California WaterFix is the ‘grand compromise’ for the Delta,” by Terry Erlewine, general manager of the State Water Contractors. The State Water Contractors represent 27 public water agencies providing water supplies to 26 million California residents, farms and businesses. These water agencies are heavily involved in the planning and implementation of California WaterFix to ensure that it is a fiscally responsible plan to provide reliable water supplies for their customers.

The piece makes the case that the WaterFix, which has been reviewed for over a decade, is the only plan that will meet the water needs for two-thirds of Californians while protecting river flows and the environment.

Below are a few excerpts from the piece:

“The plan known as California WaterFix is actually the delicate compromise between a project that can do the job and one that wildlife agencies believe can receive regulatory approval.”

“WaterFix is the “compromise plan.” Its size was reduced by 40 percent many years ago from the original preferred proposal by water agencies, and it is the only plan supported by hundreds of water agencies, public safety, business, labor, environmental, civil rights and agriculture organizations.”

“PPIC’s downsizing of the system would not provide the water supply and environmental benefits that California needs. A single pipeline with limited capacity leaves too much water on the table. We would continue to have to rely on too heavily the south Delta pumps, which reverse natural river flows, hurt water quality and ultimately restrict water supplies. Public water agencies cannot be expected to invest billions in a non-solution.”

Click here to read the entire piece: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/california-forum/article121161883.html

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