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Southern California's Water Security

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The Plan to Fix our Aging Water Distribution System

Southern California relies heavily on California’s main water distribution system, which brings water long distances from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to our homes, farms and businesses through a system of aging levees, canals and pipes. But key portions of the system are outdated and crumbling, putting the security and reliability of our local water supplies at risk. Experts warn that the system could even collapse in an earthquake or natural disaster, cutting off water supplies for over a year and costing our economy billions of dollars.

The plan to fix California’s water system, known as the California WaterFix, will address the severe vulnerabilities in our water infrastructure. This plan is critical for Southern California. Please learn more and join the broad coalition supporting water security.

Our Water is at Risk


Sierra Nevada 

Millions of Southern California homes, farms, and businesses depend on a distribution system that brings water hundreds of miles from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Crumbling Levees & Infrastructure 

This water travels through a system of outdated dirt levees and aging infrastructure. The most vulnerable points are not built to withstand a major earthquake, despite serving heavily populated regions across Southern California.


California Aqueducts 

Your water travels from this system through the California Aqueduct all the way to the Southern California distribution center, which serves Southern California regions.


Your Home 

A full two-thirds of California homes and businesses are served water from this aging, outdated system. Our water doesn’t have to be at risk, learn more about the plan to secure Southern California’s water.

We Support Water Security

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