ICYMI –SILICON VALLEY CEO IN SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS OP-ED: “It’s time to move WaterFix from planning to construction”


Piece Highlights Extensive CA WaterFix Environmental Review, Urges Local Approval of Project

Sacramento, CA – Today, the San Jose Mercury News published a piece by Dan Gordon, CEO of Gordon Biersch and a board member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, highlighting local business leaders’ support for the Governor’s California WaterFix. Gordon Biersch is a large brewery and restaurant chain and a major employer based in the Silicon Valley.

Recently, with the release of biological opinions (BiOps) from federal agencies responsible for the protection of species listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), California WaterFix cleared a critical permitting threshold. After extensive environmental reviews that started under the Obama Administration, the new BiOps from the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service found the construction and operations of WaterFix would not jeopardize the future existence of ESA-listed species.

Below is an excerpt from the piece:

“In Santa Clara County, 40 percent of the water we need for our families, businesses and to grow our local food comes from the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta. But the infrastructure that delivers this water is aging, at risk of collapse and subject to continual supply cutbacks due to the deteriorating condition of the Delta.”

“In fact, the current delivery system in the Delta has resulted in declining fish species and habitat; the status quo is totally unsustainable, and without drastic action, the Delta ecosystem will continue to deteriorate.

Fortunately, WaterFix received a major boost recently when National Marine Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, federal agencies responsible for the protection of species listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act, released official reports validating the project’s extensive federal environmental reviews that started under the Obama Administration.

By achieving this critical permitting threshold, California is closer than ever to securing the water that is so critical to the economic vitality of our region.”

To read the full article, click here: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/18/opinion-the-waterfix-twin-tunnel-plan-for-the-delta-is-needed-to-secure-our-water-supply/

About Californians for Water Security:

CWS is a growing coalition of more than 12,000 California citizens and more than 180 organizations representing business leaders, labor, family farmers, local governments, water experts, environmentalists, public safety officials, infrastructure groups, taxpayer associations, and others who support the plan to fix California’s broken water distribution system. The Governor’s plan was drafted after nearly a decade of scientific review and analysis by leading water experts and conservationists and has received input from leading scientists and engineers. The coalition is waging an active advertising, grassroots lobbying, social media and public advocacy campaign to support this important project to fix our aging water distribution infrastructure and improve water reliability and security throughout the state.

For more information on Californians for Water Security, visit: www.watersecurityca.com



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