Delta smelt

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This is a critical year to move from the planning phase to the construction phase of the California WaterFix. Water agency officials agree that it’s time to move forward with the plan to fix California’s outdated water infrastructure system in order to secure reliable water supplies for millions of Californians and to protect the Delta that carries these invaluable water supplies from the Sierra Nevada Mountain.

Last year, the Delta smelt population – a fish critical to the Delta ecosystem – was estimated by the federal government to be at about 112,000. This year, biologists say there are likely just 13,000 of these fish left in the Delta. Without the California WaterFix, we will continue to see this ecosystem decline, and continue to lose water that cannot be captured and stored effectively with our outdated water infrastructure.

In response to alarming news that Delta smelt populations continue to decline, Californians for Water Security reiterated that we urgently need to implement the California WaterFix and EcoRestore to protect the Delta ecosystem. Failure to move forward with this critical plan will mean continued crash of this species and the continued decline of the Delta.