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Today the Sacramento Bee published an op-ed by Charlton Bonham, director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, detailing the work that is being done to restore wildlife habitat in the Delta through the California EcoRestore program. The op-ed shows that without intervention, maintaining the status quo in the Delta would continue to do irreparable damage to fish and wildlife.

Special interest groups who advocate for the status quo of our failing water distribution system often depict the California WaterFix as a division between northern and southern California. But as we know, many areas in northern California such as Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties depend on the Delta as their water source, deepening the need for the California WaterFix to update our aging water distribution system. Many are learning that up to 40% of the water Santa Clara County needs comes from the Delta. Not only that, but this source provides 95% of drinking water for the County.