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Last week, the Beverly Hills Courier published a piece by Ron Hasson, President of the Beverly Hills and Hollywood NAACP, which highlighted the importance of Governor Jerry Brown’s California WaterFix to secure water supplies for Beverly Hills and California at large.

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) published a report which highlights the need for the Governor’s California WaterFix, saying the project would improve the reliability of our water supply and improve our ability to move water to storage for use in dry years

Video clips released by Californians for Water Security today demonstrate the extreme vulnerability of California’s water delivery infrastructure and the urgency of implementing the California WaterFix to safely transport water to two-thirds of the state.

With today’s release of the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the Governor’s California WaterFix by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), organizations representing thousands of business and labor groups, water agencies, family farmers, environmentalists and others voiced their strong support for moving this project forward as quickly as possible. These groups say that updating California’s aging water infrastructure through WaterFix is critical to protecting water security for two-thirds of Californians.

Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee published an op-ed: “California WaterFix is the ‘grand compromise’ for the Delta,” by Terry Erlewine, general manager of the State Water Contractors. The State Water Contractors represent 27 public water agencies providing water supplies to 26 million California residents, farms and businesses. These water agencies are heavily involved in the planning and implementation of California WaterFix to ensure that it is a fiscally responsible plan to provide reliable water supplies for their customers.

In case you missed it, the California Natural Resources Agency released a new map highlighting a multitude of communities across California that rely on the state’s water supply flowing from the Sierra Nevada mountains through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to two-thirds of our state’s population. The map demonstrates the importance of securing our water supply through the California WaterFix.

Today, Californians for Water Security announced more than a dozen Ventura County organizations are part of the broad coalition supporting the California WaterFix, the plan to repair the state’s aging water infrastructure and protect the clean water that flows from the Sierra Nevada mountains through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to 25 million Californians, including more than 635,000 residents in Ventura County. And these groups join an even larger Ventura County support base for the project, which now includes 32 organizations and agencies.

Special interest groups who advocate for the status quo of our failing water distribution system often depict the California WaterFix as a division between northern and southern California. But as we know, many areas in northern California such as Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties depend on the Delta as their water source, deepening the need for the California WaterFix to update our aging water distribution system. Many are learning that up to 40% of the water Santa Clara County needs comes from the Delta. Not only that, but this source provides 95% of drinking water for the County.