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Support Governor Newsom's single pipeline conveyance through the Delta

Protect Water

Protect water security for two-thirds of the state. Without action, water supplies through our main distribution infrastructure will continue to decrease.

Fix Aging

Improve the safety and reliability of our water system by fixing aging infrastructure using the most innovative technologies and engineering practices.

Protect From
Natural Disasters

Protect water supplies from earthquakes, floods and natural disasters by delivering them through a modern water pipeline, rather than solely through today’s deteriorating levee system.

Prepare For The Impacts
Of Climate Change

Prepare for the impacts of climate change by improving our ability to move and store water, recharge groundwater aquifers, and protect against salinity caused by sea-level rise.

Restore Habitats
and Natural Water Flows

Restore habitats and more natural water flows above ground in rivers and streams in order to reduce impacts on endangered fish and other wildlife.

Serve As A
Critical Link

Serve as a critical link to a comprehensive water portfolio including recharging groundwater supplies, water recycling and water storage.

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