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The Plan to Fix our Aging Water Distribution System

Two-thirds of California homes, farms, and businesses depend on water that flows through an aging distribution system to regions across the state.

The plan to fix California’s water system, known as the California WaterFix, will address the severe vulnerability in our water infrastructure and secure local water supplies. Outdated, dirt levees would be replaced with a modern water pipeline built to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. Natural water flows would be restored to support the surrounding environments. The plan is critical for many California communities and our state’s economy.


Our Water is at Risk


Sierra Nevada 

Millions of California homes, farms, and businesses depend on a distribution system that brings water hundreds of miles from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Crumbling Levees & Infrastructure 

This water travels through a system of outdated dirt levees and aging infrastructure. The most vulnerable points are not built to withstand a major earthquake, despite serving heavily populated regions across California.


Your Home 

A full two-thirds of California homes and businesses are served water from this aging, outdated system. Our water doesn’t have to be at risk, learn more about the plan to secure our water:

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